Over 50 years combined experience.

ENVOI was born from love of style, fashion, design & creativity and influence. 


Our"Rai·son D'ê·tre


We are one of the only Mother - to Son team that has over 50 + years of combined experience, masters of style.

ENVOI Is dedicated to women who love style and want to stay stylish and relevant as they mature, as their bodies change and most important keep current fashion in a world of changing trends... 

We love emerging designers, artisans that want a place to create, design, promote and sell their collections.

"We defy the rules and redefine the way we shop, dress and live."


An ENVOI woman who knows herself, loves herself, lives her  look, and is always unearthing unique finds. 

She is powerful because she allows her authentic style to shine.

ENVOI is for style-setters, who personify all things fabulous, think chic style, inspired beauty, and an overall passion for life.  

Only Style-makers know its a way of Life!